About Suite Seven 

Suite Seven is a blog about interior design and home decorating ideas, trends, budget finds and eclectic inspiration with a sprinkle of music, fashion and food.

About Sentrell

Sentrell is a 20-something marketing and PR professional living Miami, FL. Sentrell created Suite Seven March 2012 to quench her desire for creative expression. She draws her inspiration from most things that cross her path like music, design, art, photography and technology.

Sentrell believes everyone should live well at home no matter if their budget limited or endless. She also believes everyone should have a space that encourages tranquility and positivity. She wants to bring this philosophy to decorating and design.

She is currently exploring career options in interior design and interior decorating. She hopes to design and decorate retail and home interiors as well as own an online home boutique.

Fun Facts about Sentrell

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Number: 7 (duh!)

Favorite TV Show: Anything on HGTV and Food Network

Favorite Food: Seafood and Sushi

Favorite Author(s): James Patterson and Malcolm Gladwell

Obsessions: Aromatherapy Candles, Scarves and anything Apple